Welcome to My Website

My name is Sammi. That’s me in the picture with my sisters. I’m the good looking one on the left; a four year old miniature schnauzer. I live with my two best friends, who happen to be humans; Annie and Rich. We live in Arizona, and share our home with Annie and Rich’s oldest daughter and son-in-law; my Aunt Keri and Uncle Alex. Aunt Keri and Uncle Alex take care of my two adopted sisters; Meg and Willow, who are also miniature schnauzers.

Annie and Rich are getting older, and sometimes I think they have completely lost their minds. Their latest scheme is to purchase a motorhome, and become ”fulltime RVers“. You heard me right! They want the three of us to live in 250 square feet on wheels. Not for a long weekend in woods, but 24/7, 365 days a year; for the next 8 to 10 years.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to travel and explore. Show me an open door or leave the gate ajar, and I’m gone. But seriously, can two old married people, and their dog, survive this kind of adventure? Even if one of them is a Schnauzer? Schnauzers, by the way, are arguably the smartest breed of dog. I mean, really, I am hosting my own website!

Well, that is the point of this website. Over the next year I will chronical our efforts preparing for this journey. We’ll be trying to find the perfect motorhome for the three of us. Notice I added the ”for the three of us“ qualifier. My family is not rich; one of them is Rich, but he doesn’t have a lot of money. I don’t get why he is Rich, but then I am just a dog.

During the next year we will try to decide on; new vs. used, gas vs. diesel, class A vs. C vs. fifth wheel. Which state do we choose for registering our RV, taxes and voting? There are a million and one choices and decisions. I will do my best to recount the decision making process as we prepare for this journey. Along the way we will link you to many of our internet friends who have all helped to brainwash, I mean, convince Annie and Rich, that this is a good idea. So, thanks a lot to; Nikki and Jason–Gone with the Wynns; Cherie and Chris–the Technomads; John and Peter–the RVGeeks; and Nina and Paul–Wheelingit; to name just a few. Many others will be in our resource section.

Finally, you may wonder about the name, ontheroad272, pronounced ”to Seventy-Two“. There is a double meaning. First, Annie and Rich have lived in Arizona for over 40 years. They have grown slightly weary of the heat. So part of their new lifestyle will be chasing 72 degrees. Which they believe to be ideal. Second, if Annie and Rich continue this journey for 8 to 10 years, they will be right around 72 years old. So they will be on the road looking for 72 degrees, until they are 72 years old.

Ok, I admit it. All the cool names like; Wheelingit, Gone with the Wynns, and Technomadia were taken!