About Us

A Little Bit About Us


Gosh, what can I say about myself? This is a little embarrassing talking about me. I'm just your average schnauzer. No... seriously. I know, I happen to be incredibly smart; and cute; and well-behaved. But really? What schnauzer isn't? OK, my sisters aren't; but let's not talk about them now.

I'm the oldest by a few weeks. In case you aren't into genealogy, that means my sisters are adopted.

Being the oldest, I display the most maturity. I try to stay "laid back" and calm, in most situations. I do love to explore; and when I get the chance to scoot, I mean stroll, out a door; I take full advantage of that opportunity. I enjoy that so much, Mom and Dad usually can't "catch" up with me.

We used to live on a two acre "ranch". My sisters and I could run on the back acre; and chase the neighbor's horses along the fence line. Sometimes we would catch a rabbit, or a gopher. Dad hated the gophers, but never really seemed to appreciate us bringing him one.

Now our home has a normal size yard, and we don't chase horses or catch rabbits. Mom and Dad do take me to the dog park. I get to play with other dogs; and I get along with most of them. My sisters usually don't come to the park. They don't play nicely with others dogs. When we start our journey in the RV, my sisters will stay home with Aunt Keri and Uncle Alex.

Some of you have wondered, and even asked, how I am able to write this website and blog. I must admit it was difficult trying to type on a normal keyboard. I experimented with dictation software, but found the Schnauzer language module wasn't "ready for prime time". Plus, dictation made my voice horse. Finally, Dad found a 72 inch, touch screen, monitor to use with my Windows 8 computer. Now, I just roam around the keyboard, and see what shows up on the screen. Sometimes I'm quite proud of what my paws pound out on the on-screen keyboard. Printing can be tough. Trying to type Ctrl-P, I have to totally stretch out across the keyboard. Good thing I do yoga for flexiblity.